Actual Payment Amounts Will Vary

On this website we loosely use the amount of $150 based on a 1 year sign up. We use that number to simplify the process of writing and reading the pages and make it easier to understand and remember.

The actual amount based on the $19.95 at 100% of the first 3 months and 50% of the next 9 month is $149.62 which is slightly less than than our rounded amount of $150.00.

But this actual amount can vary slightly based on when payments are made. That is why we specifically define the payments as "100% of the first 3 months and 50% of the next 9 months".

Customers are not always reliable, so they often let the site expire and we charge them the back fees.

For example, if site "" is 10 days over due the owner would be charged $19.95 to renew for 30 days and 1/3 of $19.95 or and additional $6.65 for the back time. So your payment would go up to $26.64 at 100% or $13.32 at 50%.

If the site was a full month overdue, then the system will count it as 2 payments and not one payment and no additional income is earned by the sales agent.

So anyone that runs days late paying can actually increase your commission.

We don't want anyone to think we are skimming cash, or diverting funds or over exaggerating the amount actually paid. We try to be as honest as possible and explain all of this to everyone in advance.

In your management area you get dates of signups, the actual website domain, dates of payments and payment amounts so you can track exactly what is happening and what your percentage and payout will be each week.

For the sake of user friendliness, we use the rounded number of $150 rather than $149.62 knowing that in fact some payments will exceed that amount and some will not meet the full $150.

There is also the issue of promotions and specials. Should we offer a special, the commission would be based on the special pricing. You would still get 100% of the first 3 months and 50% of the next 9 months. But the amount would change based on the actual amount charged.

This also applies to rate changes. If we change the rate or cost of the service or charge extra for specialized services, you would continue to get the same percentage but the amount would increase or decrease with the pricing of the services.

Our price has changed over our 10 years of service, but our payouts have remained constant with agents making more money as our price increased.

We hope this page will make it clear that the $150 is a rounded and convenient amount for publishing and not an attempt to exaggerate the facts. There is no malicious intent, it is just an easier number to use in print, on the phone and elsewhere.

There is no guarantee that anyone will remain hosted for 1 full year. So there is no guarantee that you will get the full $149.62. We do employ automated billing, so in most cases, the payments are automatic. Except where credit cards are maxed out and funds cannot be collected or when users cancel service.

It is the responsibility of the sales agents to find customers that will be with us long term.

We do everything possible to retain customers and we pay agents 100% of the first 3 months when we are active working with customers and providing hours of support. So nobody wants customers to remain more than pageBuzz. We do not break even until year 2 when we stop paying the commissions. So please understand, if one of your accounts canceled and the residual payments stopped, we are just as upset since we made nothing at all. At least you made some money if not the entire $149.62.



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*The displayed amount of $150 is a rounded number from the actual $149.62 to simplify the pages. Actual payments can vary based on when paid or how payments are collected. Read the full explanation here.

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