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To track your sales you will need an account at Each page has a login area that will let you login to your sales agent account.

Once you have logged in to the sales agent account you will find forms to list the sales for each month as well as the traffic if you are running any online advertising by placing ads on free websites.

All the information about the accounts, the websites and the payments they made is available to you. If someone cancels a website or asks for a refund that information will also be posted.

You will have the url of each website so you can check on what your customers are doing and follow up if you think they need help. Of course pageBuzz provides all the help they need but if they have not made that first contact you may need to push them since they trusted you enough to sign up initially.

If you are selling face to face and meeting clients it is in your best interest to follow up and make sure the customer is satisfied since you are being paid recurring payments for 1 year. If the customer cancels the payments stop, so keeping them happy is in everyones interest.

If you are running ad placing campaigns then it would be invasive to contact the customer since they don't know who you are. But the information is provided so you can see what they are doing and if your campaigns are working.

All information such as payment and web traffic are updated in real time. Meaning if a payment is made it is credited to your account instantly. Your data will change all day as you could receive several sign ups and payments each day throughout the day.

All payments credited by 11:59 (server time) on Wednesday will be paid to you on Friday. There are no holds or reserves, if the money is paid you get it fast. There are no tracking delays or payment delays so all the information you see in your stats is current up to the minute.

If you are running web campaigns you will have details on the pages that are generating traffic. You should carefully examine the data and look for ads that are producing the most sales and the least sales. By avoiding ads and websites that don't produce traffic or sales you can minimize the amount of work you do.

While the sales agents that are cold calling on local businesses wont have tracking data they will have the details on who signed up and when and should be able to find the right pitch to increase sales returns.


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