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How can you make sure you will be credited for every customer you send?

The simplest way to insure getting paid is to use the web tracking link in ads, forums and blogs linking directly to pagebuzz with your sales agent ID. That way the customer is tracked and will automatically credit your account with no problems. But that only works for web based sales or if you send customers a link by email.

For outside sales people the best way to insure that you will get credit for a sale is to sign up the customer yourself. Hold their hand while they logon and take them though the process and make sure they input your Sales ID so it credits to your account.

The next best way it to collect the customers information and call pageBuzz to set up the account under your sales ID. We can set up the account with 1 day on the account which will give the customer 24 hours to login and make the first payment. When they pay, the commission percentage gets credited to your account. In the case of the first 3 months that is 100% of what they pay us.

We will set up an account from a phone call or an email from the agent. You can email us at the end of each day with a list of new accounts and we can set them up.

We cannot purchase domain names without payment. This will require a credit card or check from the customer. In many cases the customer will not need a domain name but they will need to modify the dns settings with their registrar. It is the agents responsibility to understand what is needed to set up a website. Websites will not be set up without a domain name.

You can also collect a check from the customer and call or email us with the sign up. If you collect a check for $240 for the year you will be instantly credited your $150 commission. The checks will have to be mailed to us before we can release your commission. If a check is returned for Not Sufficient Funds the commission will be deducted from the agents account.

We can accept credit cards, however we can only accept cards directly from the customer. If they call us with the credit card information we can charge any number of months that they request. But we cannot authorize any sales agent to collect credit card numbers under any circumstance.

Normally we would set up the account and you can contact the customer with the login information so they can make the payment online.

If you just plant the idea in their head that they should sign up at pageBuzz but do not clinch the sale, they may sign up later. Make sure they know to put your name or sales ID in the sign up form so you get credit.

We review each account and will manually credit any sale which can be associated to any sales agent. If no information was inputed into the form when they sign up we have no way of knowing how they found our website hosting system.

We do extensive TV, Radio, Bulk Mail, Internet and Print advertising so our brand is well represented. We have many new customers every day and we will not assume that just because a sales agent is in a particular area that they sent the customer to us.

It is the responsibility of the Sales Agent to sell in a manner that secures proper credit for each sale. Since we do not offer exclusive sales areas, you may be working in an area in which we are already advertising. It is critical that you get your Sales ID into the sign up form during the signup process or contact us with the account.

Please do not send us emails or call and tell us that you talked to 100 people and they might sign up. We have no way of tracking or managing every person that every sales agent talks to.

It is important that we maintain a strict structure to be as fair as possible to everyone. Just because you spoke to a business on Monday does not entitle you to the sale. Another agent could contact them the next day and close the sale. As a sales agent, you have to know how to manage those leads and protect those sales.

We cannot credit sign ups once they are active accounts. If you think someone you sent signed up but you did not get credit, we have no way of knowing what happened or how they got there. With hundreds of agents placing ads all over the internet it is impossible to assume anyone came from your ad unless you use the web tracking codes correctly. If you have concerns about the links call before you post them.

There are no excuses for not being credited. We give you ample options to set up new accounts.

Follow our guidelines and you will get credit for each and every account.


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