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  1. Overview of and

    BumbleBee Sales is the sales agents resource site for all independent sales agents selling BumblebeeWorks software, website hosting and web services. All commission tracking and payout information is available in your bumblebee sales account. You can log into your account from the side menu.

    As an Independent Sales Agent, you will be promoting the Do It Yourself Website system. Every business and organization needs a website. This means that your job of promoting pageBuzz will be pretty easy. Nonetheless, you should familiarize yourself with the system just in case someone asks you questions. If you plan on doing only online promotions only or avoiding contact with people at any cost, then you do not even need to know the answers to the questions below. But, if you think it is possible that someone could talk to you, then you should be able to answer simple questions like:

    • How much does pageBuzz cost? $19.99 per month
    • Really? $19.99, what's the catch? No catch, the people who run pageBuzz are small and so don't have the large amount of overhead that companies like Yahoo have. So, you get a better product at a lower price.
    • Do I need to know anything about building websites? No, the tools are VERY easy to use and you get one on one help 7 days a week at no extra cost.
    • Can I sell my products online? Yes, absolutely. The pageBuzz Shopping Cart holds up to 2500 items.

    You can see based on the above that there isn't much you need to know about the pageBuzz system. But, you should read the rest of the overview here. You should also take a look at the pageBuzz system, go through the pageBuzz tour, and even test the pageBuzz demo if you have time. You can also review a list of pageBuzz features here and see some sample websites here. These are things that you do not have to do particularly if all you plan on doing is posting ads. But, if you think that people will ask you questions, you should at least glance over what we offer.

  2. Create an account at

    You must first create an account online here at You cannot receive credit for sing ups if you do not have an Independent Sales Agent account. Your account will allow you to track your sales, web traffic, commissions and payments. To create an account and begin earning your weekly paycheck fill in the sign up form. Click on the Agent Sign Up link on the side menu and fill in the sign up form (see image below).

    When signing up, make sure you select a reasonable Username because your username is the same as your Independent Sales Agent ID. That username or Independent Sales Agent ID will be how all of your sales and payments are tracked. It will appear on your business cards, web links and communications. It is how we will associate your clients from other sales agents and is important to know to get credit for referrals.

    Once you fill in the form, you will receive an e-mail at the e-mail address you used when signing up. That e-mail will contain an authorization link. Click on the link to authorize your account. Some email filters and overly aggressive ISP's tend to filter out important mail. If you do not receive the email within a few minutes please contact support at this website to have the account activated for you. Make sure you include the a note explaining why you are e-mailing and your Independent Sales Agent ID.

  3. Send in the required paperwork

    In order to send you payments, we must receive your signed copy of the Independent Sales Agent Agreement and the paperwork and identification required by the IRS.

  4. Sales Agents Agreement (pdf)- Print and read the Sales Agents Agreement, initial, sign and mail to our company address provided in the agreement.

  5. You must also include copies of valid identification and the completed W-9 Form (pdf) for the IRS.

  6. Click here for the agreement as a web page.

  7. Promoting Services

    Once you have signed up and your account is active and you can start selling.

    You will have to decide what is the best way for you to begin promoting our website hosting service. We do not limit the way you sell other than requiring it be truthful and representative of our product. You can cold call local merchants, telemarket, hand out flyers at the local grocery, blog online, post free classified ads online or offline, use social networks like Twitter, Vacebook and MySpace or just hang out in bars and hand out business cards. If you're not sure what to do, you can take a look here where we list ideas that worked for other people.

    How ever you decide to sell is up to you but should utilize the best resources and skills you possess.

    Once you have a plan you will need to review the product you will be selling. You should already be familiar with the product if you followed step 1 above. If you didn't here is another overview. We offer a complete turnkey website with full e-commerce for small business. You can try out our demo and see exactly what people will get for their $10 a month. You can also review a list of pageBuzz features here and see some sample websites here.

    If you plan on a face to face approach you will need to spend enough time reading the pageBuzz policies and features so that you can explain the product to potential customers. If you just plan on placing ads online a brief review of the main features is all you need. In either case, however, the more informed you are the easier it will be to generate sales.

    Once you feel confident you know what the pageBuzz hosting service offers you can start your sales campaign.

    There are many articles in the articles section that talk about our company, our technology, the product and even lists of online resources for listing ads. You will also find articles discussing marketing, how to approach your own sales campaign and what kind of returns to expect.

  8. Now just get started making money!

    Payments are mailed every Friday, so if you start today you could have your first paycheck on Friday.

    To learn more about tracking your results, read Tracking Sales, Payments & Web Traffic.



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