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Q: How much money can I make?
A: The amount you can make is up to you. A good sales person can easily make $100,000.00 a year while someone just starting with sales and having no experience will make much less. Even a novice should be able to sell 10 websites a week (2 websites a day 5 days a week) which can yield a weekly paycheck of $1500. Check out the
payout samples page for an idea of how much you can earn with regular sales.

Q: Why do I need to submit paperwork?
A: The
US goverment requiers that we have a W-9 and 2 forms of ID on file for everyone we pay. It is not our rule, it is the IRS. We do ask you to fill in our contract so that you are clear on our terms and when, how and why you get paid and what is and is not acceptable as you sell and reperesent our company.

Q: Do you need my paperwork before I start?
A: NO, we do not need your paperwork before you get started. As soon as you activate the account you can begin. However, we will not mail out any payments until we get your paperwork. So if checks are earned we will hold them until we have the paperwork on file.

Q: Why do I need to mail my paperwork, can't you take it by email?
A: We require that you mail us the paperwork because it is the most secure method. We do not store your social security numbers online we use paper files and non networked computers. That prevents any loss of personal data or identity theft. We take handling records very seriously and mail is the best solution for documents. Any documents emailed to us will be declined.

Q: Do you allow web based sales and promotion?
A: Yes. But this this program was originally set up for outside sales agents. We have since added web tracking to allow anyone to place ads online and get commissions. Consequently the commissions are very high for a web based program. Many people are taking advantage of this and making huge amounts of cash working from home and placing free ads on classified sites. We have added in support, sample ads and lists of free websites to place ads on.

Q: What experience do I need to sell?
A: You need to understand enough to explain to your potential customers what pageBuzz offers, how it works and what they can do with their website. We have prepared several articles to prepare you with this information. Of course if you don't have an answer to the question you are asked, we are just a cell phone call away with an answer. We suggest you read the
articles about our business before you start selling. You should also spend a few hours using our demo to see how it works and what is included.

Q: How much do I have to spend?
A: You should not have to spend anything. There is no fee, we only pay you we do not ask you for anything. You can download advertising materials, business cards for free. You wont have to invest even one penny if you do not want to. Of course you may need to buy some gas for your car or spring for a new T-shirt so you are presentable to clients, but that is up to you.

Q: Do you pay my expenses?
A: No. You are an independent agent, so your expenses are under your control. if you are a frugal person you should not have any expenses other than transportation and maybe the cost of paper to print some business cards or sales materials.

Q: Can I write off my expenses on my Taxes?
A: Yes. Of course you would need to consult a tax expert for the laws in your area, but as an independent you can claim your expenses so you do not pay tax on that income.

Q: Can I sell other products besides pageBuzz?
A: Yes. Many of the people selling our services already have products or services they sell and offer website hosting as a way of earning extra income. For example we have one sales agent that sells jewelry to retailers. With hundreds of vendors it makes sense to offer each of them website services and generate an extra $10,000.00 or so during your normal sales calls. If you already sell a product or would like to sell multiple products it can be a great fit for you.

Q: Do I need to have my own website?
A: No. There is no point in having a website unless you plan on reselling services or offering something more than what pageBuzz offers. You would be marketing our brand and we provide all the web resources the customers need. If you are interested in a private labeled system contact us about our reseller program for developers and webmasters.

Q: You are a small company, can you handle the volume we can sell at any level?
A: We have developed a scalable system that will allow us to handle almost unlimited growth by adding more servers to our datacenter. We keep many spare servers on standby at all times each capable of holding hundreds of websites each. Our datacenter space is abundant and our software allows us to expand into remote datacenters should we run out of floor space. We are prepared for unlimited growth and have the ability to scale to mega levels if any sales person is able to meet those types of aggressive levels of sales.

Q: How do I know you will be in business next year?
A: You can never be sure anyone will remain in business. All we can do is stand on our record. We have been in business since 1997 and continue to grow even in a down economy. We have no debt and own all of our own servers, hardware and software, no leases or financing at all. We are cash strong and perusing growth while our competitors are cutting jobs and operating costs. We are in no danger of failing at any time soon and with over a million dollars invested in our pageBuzz network since 2004 we are not looking to close the doors.


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