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You can now earn CASH selling pageBuzz Hosting!

The Independent sales agents program allows anyone to offer businesses the pageBuzz website services and earn 60% of the first years fees. With websites at $20 per month each sale will produce $150 in commissions. Even a part time sales person can sell 10 websites a week earning $1500.00 a week. A great sales person can sell 10 websites in one day and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

The program was originally set up for outside sales agents but has been expanded to allow anyone to post links online and make the same 60% commission. While we do need sales people that search for and meet face to face with potential clients we also need people that will post ads online, use social networks to reach the people that our outside sales agents can't.

This is also a program that can be run completely from home by placing ads online and never meeting with anyone. Just place some classified ads and generate the same income as the outside sales agents. Or sales agents can meet with business owners face to face and make sales the old fashioned way.

Of course we expect everyone participating to be professional and represent our brand in a positive manner in person or online. For that, we will pay you a percentage of the fees collected,100% of the first 3 months and 50% of the next 9 months.

We send checks out every Friday so you get paid fast and can depend on the money you earn each week. Paying you is a top priority since that is your motivation to sell our product.

This is a partnership between pageBuzz and the sales people. The sales people earn most of the fees collected in the first year leaving pageBuzz just enough to cover costs. pageBuzz makes a profit in the second year if the customer is still hosted with us.

Because we wont make any money in year 1 it is important that we get hosting customers that will keep websites for the long term. This program is directed toward people that will produce those quality customers. If you place ads online we expect you to honestly represent the product and not promise more than we offer or promise services we cannot provide.

We are a small company and we will spend many hours with each new customer helping them with their websites and supporting them. If we are overloaded with customers that need excessive support it will damage our ability to support all of the customers. We expect sales agents to look for hosting customers that will not over burden our small staff.

This is not generally a problem because of the types of services we offer. We don't cater to people that want to develop complicated websites like myspace or youtube. We do not offer bulk space for massive video upload or social network sites. We offer a strong e-commerce platform for people that want to take their business online but don't know how. Working with existing businesses that want to offer or showcase products and services online ensures that we can mange the support.

We do not want a bunch of high school kids with moms credit card looking to be the next teen millionaire by calling us 10 times a day to learn how to use the Internet. Any reasonable sales person should be able to make the distinction and find the better clients. Online sales ads should be written to market to the right demographic and sell our services.

Getting the right customers is as important to the agents as it is to pageBuzz, because you only continue getting paid if they continue to pay. While you do get 100% of the first 3 months it is important that they stay on as long as possible so you get the residual checks every week.

If you are posting ads online don't post in forums like video game forums that are made up of 100% kids under 16 years old. Stick with business forums and professional or work at home sites that you know product clients that will stay in business.

If we are not happy with the clients a sales person is producing we will tell them. If the activity continues we will have to ask them not to continue selling our services.

We need sales people that are mindful of what we need to make money as well as producing commissions for themselves. Sales people who share our commitment to grow our business, after all, if we fail then commissions wont be paid to anyone. We need sales people that believe in our brand and our product and will sell with confidence.

The program is structured to make it profitable for face to face sales and not intended as an Internet affiliate program. Now that we have added link tracking to allow anyone to make money placing ads online and web marketing the online commissions are unprecedented. This is an extremely strong commission for a web based program and we encourage everyone to take advantage of it.

We want to work with you to provide tools and help in reaching your earning potential. Your success is our success. We are real people looking for real people to sell our product to real people.

This is a huge opportunity for anyone to build a great income with very little effort. Sales agents can earn as much money as they want to by selling more and more.

The majority of sales will come from cold calling businesses but higher sales levels can be achieved by contacting businesses registered in your area and making appointments. Every city publishes a list on newly registered businesses, usually available online. Those lists are a great source of leads as almost every new business needs a website.

With thousands of new businesses registering daily the flow of customers for any sales person are endless. The income that any single person can attain is only limited by their willingness to work.

We provide all the support you need and we provide 100% of the support and services for the customers. As a sales person you only need to introduce people to the product and cash the checks you get each week.

You can now earn CASH Selling pageBuzz Hosting!



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