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BumbleBee Sales is managed by The Cyber Web Inc the parent company of BumbleBeeWorks.com and pageBuzz.com website hosting systems.

While that all seems very impressive we are just a small home based business with honest and fair home based values. We value your assistance in building our business and work with you on a more personal level than larger companies can.

Our company products speak for themselves. We have some of the industries most advanced technology. We have paved the roads for others to follow and have introduced some of the industries most advanced software and programming techniques.

With well over a million dollars invested in technology we are not the average home based business. Yet we choose to keep it small so we can have direct access to our client base and better understand their needs.

Now that our product has evolved to a point that we are competitive with companies like yahoo.com and godaddy.com we are looking for partnerships with sales people to build our customer base.

Since we are a small company our reputation and image are extremely important to us, consequenty we are not looking for every sales person we can find. We need a few good sales people that will present our products in a positive and friendly manner. People that understand and believe in what we do.

We have built our company from the ground up reaching a million dollars in sales relatively quickly. Our growth has been visible in our products while we have evolved and grown into a powerful e-commerce network.

We have processed millions of credit card transactions and pushed millions of sales through the paypal network. Our experience in e-commerce is unmatched and our ability to manage safe and secure online sales is unchallenged.

While we are just ordinary people we have an extrodinary product that no other company can match. All of our software is proprietary and managed in house, litteraly in out house. We run the entire business from our home office. But you would never know that looking at our product.

With an Internet presence since 1997 in the website hosting market we have as much experience and dependability as any other Internet company.

Our company has evolved from corporate websites and software into a do it yourself hosting product for small businesses as smaller businesses finally found their spot online.

We have built thousands of websites and manage hundreds of our own, so our experience is very diversified and complete. You wont find another company with the vast understanding and qualifications we have and you will never find one that is our size.

While we are proud of what we have done as a small company, now it is time to grow. We need your help to achive that goal.

We have over a decade of reliability and performance to stand behind, but we look to the future for what it will bring. We are ready to make pageBuzz the next big thing with a little help from some great sales people.

We are an awesome company to work with either hosting your website or as an independant sales agent. We hope you will be part of our growth and let us help you grow as well.


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